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A St Lucia Wedding Cake Recipe - Travel

Those taking advantage of St Lucia wedding packages will have certain ideas about what their wedding on the island paradise will entail. And, while people will want most of their wedding to be well prepared in order to ensure that it goes smoothly, there is something unquestionably exciting about that slight sense of the unknown.

There are several unique traditions that belong to the island and it has a rich history that came as a result of an indigenous population that fell under the empires of France and England, alternating between the two for long periods. One way in which you can add to teh authenticity of your day is to use the traditional rum cake that is often served at Christmas and during weddings:

For those enjoying St Lucia wedding packages, the wedding cake will be prepared the traditional way by an expert on the island. But if you want to experience the delicious flavours of this tropical delight to see if it really is what you want for the big day, then it's not difficult to bake a rough version before you finalise the details of your St Lucia wedding packages. This recipe will make 2 ten-inch (25 cm) round cakesIngredients:1 pound (454g) dark raisins;1 pound (454g) currants;1 pound (454g) pitted prunes;1 pound (454g) glace cherries;1/2 pound (227g) mixed peel;33.3 fl/oz (946ml) white rum;1 pound (454g) dark brown sugar;1 pound (454g) butter, plus extra to grease the pans;12 eggs; teaspoon cinnamon; teaspoon nutmeg;1 pound (454g) flour, plus extra for dusting pans;1 tablespoon baking powder;3 ounces (85g) brunt sugar (see below);33.3 fl/oz (946ml) tawny port.

Method :

The fruits should be placed in a large bowl made of either plastic or glass. Add half a pint (284ml) of rum to the fruit and blend the mixture. Pour in the rest of the rum to the smooth paste and mix well. Ensure the mixture is secured in an airtight container and leave in a cool place for a minimum of two weeks.

Once this time has elapsed, preheat the oven to 300F (150C) In one bowl, cream together the brown sugar and the softened butter. In a second bowl mix the eggs and spices until foamy. Next combine the two mixtures, add the fruit mixture and stir well. Mix the flour with the baking powder and add this to the mixture before adding the burnt sugar. (The burnt sugar can be prepared by combining 60ml of sugar with 2 tablespoons of water. Boil over a high heat until the sugar melts and starts burning).

Grease and flour the cake tins, which should be 10 inches by 3 inches deep (25cm by 7.5cm), and pour the mixture in before baking the mixture for 2 hours. Remove the pans from the oven, leave them to cool for an hour before removing the cakes from the pans and letting them cool entirely. Pour half a pint (284ml) of the port over each of the cakes and let it soak in; after 10 minutes pour the rest of the port over the cakes. Once this has been done, wrap the cakes tightly in cling film (not tinfoil) then let the cakes age for a week, even longer if possible - the longer the better. Don't refrigerate the cakes, but ensure they remain moist, if they start to dry out, feed them some more port. Once the cake has aged you can ice it with traditional icing and have your first taste!

The experts organising your St Lucia wedding packages will, of course, know the best chefs and bakers to create your final cake, but there is nothing like the scent and taste of a rum cake to get you in the mood for your upcoming Caribbean wedding! Go on - give it a go!

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