Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bars and Cocktails in Havana - Travel

There is a very Cuban and significant little book for lovers of good living, "Coctelera Cubana: 100 recetas con ron" (100 recipes of Cuban mixed drinks with rum) by the deceased writer and reporter Fernando G. Campoamor.It may be the case that this title is no relevant for some people, but for most of those who visit Havana, the Cuban capital, could understand the interest of the author in offering a series of mixtures that people enjoy so much in this city.We are referring to the fact of going for a walk and sitting anytime during the day or the night in a bar, small or large, to rest.The most known example to show acceptance is the Mojito, followed by the Daiquir, Mulata, Cuba Libre and so many others that represent so well the Island's spirit.Let us say that you use half little spoon of sugar in a glass, a quarter oz of lemon juice and use water or soda for diluting. Then you add leaves of yerba buena and smash the stem without harming the leaves until you get all the j uice. Then, add ice rocks and half oz of white rum, then you fill the glass with soda and then stir up, decorating with another yerba buena, that is the Mojito, the most known Cuban cocktail, a truly feast of the taste.Nevertheless, another mythical beverage is the Daiquir; with different origins (some people bound its origin to the copper mines of the same name in the easternmost province of Santiago de Cuba).This was the ideal recipe of Ernest Hemingway, of which he used to drink around 12 glasses during the day apart from another one he called "del estribo" to go while he returned back in his car from the bar-restaurant Floridita to his Finca Viga, in the borders of the capital, where it is now the museum with his name.But that Daiquir of Hemingway's was different. The original recipe mixed half little spoon of sugar in the blender, a quarter oz of lemon juice, drops of maraschino, one and half oz of white rum and a great amount of grind ice. Very well mixed and served in a champagne glass.Although, Hemingway reduced the amount of sugar and doubled the amount of rum in order to make it more vibrant and purifying, for a poetic spirit, bohemian and adventurous.That is why, those who have an epic sense of existence would feel pleased in Havana, from bar to bar, ordering mixed drinks such as the Saoco or Habana Libre, Cuba Libre, for example.But also the classic Ron Collins, Mary Pickford, Havana Special, Centenario, Tricontinental, Boina Roja among others until reaching some hundreds.So, about bars and mixed beverages Havana has much give; it has a gift, charisma, alcohol, eroticism, music and, above all, the divine grace given to the Island by the Caribbean.It is a truly Cuban feast for senses, to be found in many places in Havana, a perfect tour, for those who adore the joy of dreaming.

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