Friday, 13 April 2012

How to Lose Weight Quickly as a Vegetarian - Health - Weight Loss

Vegetarians often get the short end of the stick when trying to find healthy food options that will help you lose weight quickly and get you those rip roaring abs. Most people think that protein rich meats are the golden ticket to get you results. Meat is an excellent source for protein, Ill admit that. You can still get fit without it, though it might be harder to consume the amounts you need. When it comes to burning fats, in relation to a vegetarian diet, here are some great tips to store in your memory bank next time youre in the grocery store.

1. Popeye was onto something! Spinach is an excellent vegetable to add to your meals. It contains an antioxidant that increases your metabolism and burns fat. Make sure you add this to as many meals as possible. You can find thousands of recipes that include spinach.

2. Celery is king. Celery not only fills you up and is pretty much entirely water based. But it also contains coumarin, a natural fat burning ingredient. Keep it stocked in your fridge and make sure to reach for it daily. Celery alone can effectively help you lose weight quickly.

3. Artichokes contain something called cynarin. This ingredient lowers your which cholesterol and helps with some serious fat burning. Theyre probably not a common ingredient to work with, but if you research recipes, youre bound to find a few good ones youll enjoy.

4. Papayas are not just a Caribbean fruit. Get familiar with this one because it contains something called papasin. This is a natural enzyme that will help you break down food and digest it properly. It also speeds up your metabolism.

5. Apricots are another item you should be eating consistently. They contain an ingredient called, salicylate. Basically it gives you energy and speeds up your metabolism.

6. Keep your whole grains cupboard stocked at all times. This will help fill you up and prevent you from snacking on the high calorie, low nutrition valued snacks!

7. Keep your fruits and vegetables balanced in the portions you eat on a daily basis. Try and eat them in season too.

8. Buy light mayonnaise and limit how much you eat as its mostly fat!

Hopefully these tips on how to lose weight quickly will help you if you lead a vegetarian lifestyle!

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