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Customs at some popular Beach wedding Destinations - Relationships

Brazing for a themed wedding destination is an out " of " box thing to do. But with beach wedding themes becoming more popular, it would even be fun to include some traditional customs of the beach wedding destination that you have decided upon. Customs all around the world are varied in nature and different. But if you can introduce some of them into your beach wedding ceremony, not only will it give a different touch to the event but will also interest the guests and help them remain engaged.Here are some interesting customs followed at popular beach wedding destinations "This Puerto Rican custom may sound traditional, yet it is out of the ordinary. It involves a doll dressed similar to the bride and is placed at the altar or a main table. This 'bride doll' is then gifted to each guest as a token of love.

Caribbean Island wedding ceremonies amusingly do not require a Best Man. The bride's father or often even both of her parents hold her hands and escort her down the aisle, similar to the American traditional custom. The regular part of the Caribbean Island wedding is that the reception can go on all night, with traditional steel-drum island music followed by ample sweets with big and potent dozes of rum, crazy dancing and many toasts to the wellbeing and happiness for the newly wedded couple. Also exquisite hand - made quilts and home - made furniture form an important part of the traditional gifting process to the guests.The food at the wedding destinations, give beach wedding ceremonies a totally different and vibrant meaning. The beach weddings are known for their customary food preparation and the likeable feat which features curried goat and spicy chicken jerky. Along with the chicken feat, the traditional wedding cake is a 'Black Cake,' with recipes popularly passing down the generations served with a Hard Rum Sauce and a dash of the dried fruits which are uniquely soaked in rum in a crock pot for a duration ranging from anywhere between two weeks to one year.In Fiji it is traditional for the young groom to request for the girl's hand from her father. He must also present him the traditional gift of a whale's tooth, symbolizing status and wealth. The bride's family is offered with a lavishly prepared meal by the Fiji young man on approval known as "Warming." Again another very favorite custom for the bride is of being tattooed just before the wedding. It symbolizes the sign of beauty on the island. Fiji wedding receptions are incomplete without the traditional drink of the islands, Kava. Prepared and brewed from the trampled roots of the native kava plant, it is the best flavored drink gracing the occasion.

Hawaii traditions involve the fragrant play and display of flowers. You will notice flowers everywhere. The bride and groom are dressed in flower leis, which symbolize love and respect. About 40 to 50 fresh flowers are strung through a colorful ribbon, forming a single leu which carries in it the colors of one of the oldest Hawaiian culture custom.Both the bride and the groom adorn in pure white, with the groom complimenting his dress with, either a red sash or a black cloth belt, neatly tied around his waist. Each and every Hawaiian wedding comes to a conclusion with the musical "Hawaiian Wedding Song," which rings and tunes everyone to the wonderful beach wedding celebration.

These are the popular beach wedding destinations which relish in their own sweet and remote customs. Including them will give your wedding ceremony a new flavored tinge of customs.

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