Saturday, 14 April 2012

Why Holiday in the Dominican Republic - Travel

There are so many holiday destinations to choose from all over the world. Some are meant to be winter tourist destinations, while others are best visited during the summer. And out of all the tropical spots in the globe, almost everybody dreams of spending their holiday in the Caribbean Islands - particularly in the Dominican Republic. But what are the reasons why many prefer to spend their vacations in the Dominican Republic?

If you want to have a relaxing vacation in the middle of stunning beaches, as well as beautiful scenery and colorful sunsets, then the Dominican Republic is the best place to go to. You may unwind and start living a laid back life, something that you can never have in your own town (since life is a bit more stressful back home!). Even without spending too much of your money, you can still feel like you are on a very luxurious vacation. And because peak season of the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic is not overpopulated with foreign visitors, you can still have that privacy that you are looking for in a tropical tourist destination.

But that is just the faade of this magnificent island in the Caribbean. If you want to know the real Dominican Republic, then you must not forget to visit the national parks of the island as well. So magnificent indeed, that you will wonder how a poster-like view can come to life. The picturesque scenery that you can see within the national parks of the Dominican Republic is too magnificent for words. This is regardless of where you stand or what angle you look from.

Different species of vividly colored birds can be seen in these natural parks. You may even see the various endangered feathered species, such as the Hispaniola Woodpecker and the Ridgway's Hawk as well! Be fascinated by the 300 distinct species of butterflies that are well kept and well taken care of in the national parks of the Dominican Republic. Even if you are not fond of Mother Earth's natural creatures, you will surely appreciate all the species that are living in the Dominican Republic.

Food lovers will also get the chance to enjoy the best of what the Dominican Republic has to offer. After a long whole day of worshipping the sun, satisfy your appetite with the most delectable cuisine that is served here in this tourist destination. There is a diversity of food from one side of the world to the other. Choose from a wide array of recipes, starting from vegetables to meat and the freshest of seafood as well. For those who want to eat something heavy, rice is served with almost all kinds of dish. While you are at it, sample their infamous local dish called the Sancocho Prieto, a meal that is a combination of seven different meats including pork, lamb, beef, and goat. Beer lovers must not also forget taking a sip or two of the popular beer in the Dominican Republic, called the El Presidente, which is served in almost all food establishments on the island.

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