Saturday, 14 April 2012

Just Jelly Beans - Food - Desserts

If you love your sweets with the extra excitement of rainbow colors and chewy goodness, you'll adore Jelly Beans. You 've probably adored it as one of those retro sweets which now easily let you slip into nostalgia just by looking at them. Jelly beans are a type of candy that comes in a great variety of mostly fruity flavors. As their name suggests, they're the size of a red kidney bean, some even smaller, but the smile they put on anyone's face is big.

Talk about Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans Bucket, Dinky Glass Jar - Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans, Caribbean Coconut Gourmet Jelly Beans, Strawberry Smoothie Gourmet Jelly Beans, Tangerine Gourmet Jelly Beans or Blueberry Pie Gourmet Jelly Beans. See if your mouth hasn't watered yet. One goes crazy with this treat beginning with its hard candy shell that progresses into a chewy inside. Definitely, the beans aremade of sugar, but hear ye, dieters, one bean equals only one calorie. What's more exciting is you can have them in different flavors and come up with a totally new taste that's just as loveable any one of them. Yummy!

If the gummy interior of the beans intrigues you, it actually has something to do with a candy back then which they called Turkish delight. It was exactly the same type as the beans with its hard shell that got chewier and chewier as one got nearer into the core. This candy appeared in the late 17th century but it wasn't until the American Civil War when the modern jelly beans debuted while being given out to soldiers in the Union Army. By the 1930's, they became the proverbial Easter candies we know today obviously due to their egg shapes.

Jelly beans are easy to chew and love but they may not be that easy to make. Unlike lollipops and toffees for which you can always ask mom for a classic recipe, these beans need just a bit more complicated ingredients such as emulsifying and anti-foaming agents. On top of that, they have to be subjected to a certain temperatures and conditions to create the exact toughness on the outside and chewiness on the inside. Ingredients will, of course, vary depending on the flavor.

Although jelly beans sound like such kiddie candies, a former US president was once secretly crazy about them he actually kept a jar of right on his desk. People say their increase in popularity just might have something to do with that. Or then again, it could be the beans themselves which are now sold in a tasteful assortment of eight flavors from cherry to licorice to cotton candy and more. If you would have some Glass Gift Jar - Gourmet Jelly Beans, Dinky Glass Jar - Strawberry Gourmet Jelly Beans, Wild Cherry Gourmet Jelly Beans, Dinky Glass Jar - Granny Smith Apple Gourmet Jelly Beans or Dinky Glass Jar - Blueberry Pie Gourmet Jelly Beans, you'll know exactly what this variety means.

Order from a wholesale retro sweets shop and you'll taste all those jelly bean memories you had when you were a kid and couldn't stop chewing them. Wholesale retro sweets are also great for parties and corporate functions. Or just get those beans and love them all over!

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