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Welcome to Belize and Robs Belize Travel Guide

Experience the diversity from our islands in the Caribbean with the Belize Barrier Reef to the canopies of the rainforest while staying in your choice of over 100 small hotels offering rooms for US$60 per night or less. Robs Belize Travel is your guide to exploring Belize on a budget, learning about local recipes, food, art and music, and meeting interesting Belizeans of different cultures.

Experience ancient Mayan cities with towering temples and visit modern-day towns and villages. Enjoy ethnic foods made from exotic local produce. Listen to our history by the people who have lived it. Hear the sounds of the wildlife, the waves breaking on the shore and distant drums beckoning. Inhale the salty air of tropical islands, the freshness of the forest after a rain and the fragrance of flowers year round. Feel at home as our mosaic of over 10 different cultures welcomes you to our shores.Only two hours from 4 gateway cities in the United States, and just a short hop from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, getting to Belize is easy.Once you are here, follow Robs Belize Travel for an enjoyable and affordable adventure into Mother Nature's Best Kept SecretBELIZE IS......Sailing, Snorkeling, Scuba diving over in clear crystal water over colorful corals. Belize is exploring caves draped with Maya ceremonial artifacts. Belize is kayaking with dolphins and canoeing under rainforest canopy. Belize is sitting on top of a Maya Ruin listening to the roar of howler monkeys. Belize is horseback riding going through jungle trails under tropical foliage abundantly draped with orchids, toucans and screeching parrots. Belize is a birding paradise with over 550 different species of birds. Belize is relaxing in a hammock under the shade of a swaying coconut tree, lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and refreshing Caribbean Sea breezes. Belize is nature laced with adventure. Belize is personal and educational discovery. Belize is a treat!Belize is well suited for everyone from individuals, family and senior travel, outdoor enthusiasts, as well as for those who prefer the creature comforts of home. The countryside and islands provide a spectacular view and scenes for wedding ceremonies. Our very comfortable inns and lodges offer honeymooners privacy in an intimate setting. Our jungles, reefs and legacy of the ancient and mysterious Maya civilization that once dominated Belize are the ultimate open classroom and living laboratory for student groups.Belize is easy to get to and around in. We are less than two hours by air from Miami. We are the only English speaking democratic country in Central America. Our currency is tied to the US dollar, which is accepted everywhere. Accommodations and rates runs for the budget traveler all the way up for the exclusive and theres always something nice in everyones price range.Robs Belize Travel specialty is customized vacations which we design with you and are honed to reflect your individual interests. Our consultation services are provided free of charge.The information contained within should serve to provide you with a rich and balanced understanding of the country you plan to visit. We hope you find this interesting and informative and look forward to hearing from you.CONTACT Robs Belize Travel Email: :

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