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Make The Best Grilled Shrimps - Food - Recipes

Follow these tips in achieving the ultimate best tasting marinated grilled shrimps.

A lot of people usually ask "How am I supposed to marinate the shrimp?" Actually it's really simple and quite easy. First look for any grilled shrimp marinade recipe that best fits your personal taste. Choose from among the many interesting recipes out there.

Though most recipes specify marinated grilled shrimps, you can just use any kind of shrimp marinade recipe then just decide on your desired mode of cooking (whether baked, fried or grilled).

You may even use different indoor electric grills like 'George Forman' grill or put them inside your oven and bake away. Cooking them via pan frying after they're marinated is also another way to go especially when it's raining.

Easy and Simple Steps in achieving that Best Grilled Marinated Shrimp:

1. Buy shrimps that are either frozen or very fresh. When grilling, choose extra large/large shrimps. Buying them pre cooked is not a good idea since you'll be cooking them again using your grill. Besides, shrimps are easily cooked. For great tasting results, always use fresh raw shrimps when grilling so that they'll taste better.

2. Devein and clean the shrimps perform this when shrimps are inside shells and those black veins found within the shrimps are still inside. Put the shrimps under moderately cold and running water, and then remove its outer legs and shells, leaving its tail-intact.

Then create a tiny slice just along its center-back part using your knife's tip to gently take the black-vein off. Rinse the shrimps then put aside inside a bowl. Do the same process until shrimps are already cleaned and deveined.

3. Next, drain water out from your bowl of already cleaned shrimps then pat them with some paper towels to dry them thoroughly.

4. Refrigerate and cover your shrimps till you're ready to marinate them.

5. Pick out any Grilled Marinated Shrimp recipe.

6. Follow instructions in the preparation of your marinade.

7. Get your shrimps out of your fridge then add in your marinade and toss everything well and make sure that you coat your shrimps thoroughly. Cover tightly then place back inside your refrigerator.

8. Next, marinate your shrimps for about an hour or as per its recipe directions.

9. When your marinating time finishes, preheat your grill up to medium high flame.

10. Finally skewer your shrimps & simply place them on top the 'grilling basket', then grill shrimps as per recipe directions.

Below are a couple of easy and simple Grilled Shrimps Marinade recipes:

1/4 cup of olive oil1 tablespoon of dry-onion, minced1/2 teaspoon of rosemary (dried)1/4 cup of wine (dry, white)1/2 teaspoon of basil (dried)/1 teaspoon fresh1/4 teaspoon of pepper

Put about a pound of raw shelled-shrimps inside a resalable plastic-bag or a very tight-lid container, then add your marinade. Securely close the bag then refrigerate them for about two to four hours.

Once done drain the marinade, set shrimps aside. Place shrimps into pre soaked skewers. Then grill them over hot- coals for about six to ten minutes. Constantly brush the shrimps using the marinade that was reserved.

1 cup wine (dry, white)1 cup of olive oil1 tablespoon of black pepper, coarse1/2 teaspoon of basil; chopped1/2 teaspoon of 'Cajun spice' which is optional1 lb. of large raw-shrimps, deveined, peeled with tails intactThin slices of lemon

Mix ingredients in a bowl to create a marinade, then add the shrimps. Cover it then put them inside the fridge for about three hours, while occasionally turning them. Set your grill settings to high-heat. Skewer the shrimps and some thin slices of lemon unto the bamboo-skewers, alternating shrimps & lemon so on and so forth.

Grill the shrimps till they turn opaque. Occasionally baste the shrimps using the rest of your marinade. Approximately 3 mins. per side is needed to achieve doneness.

When you really want easy and quick shrimp marinades, just buy any kind of bottled pre-mixed seafood-marinade. My all time favorite includes 'Lawry's Tequila Line' or 'Caribbean Jerk'. You may find any of these in your grocery stores. Marinate raw shrimps for 1 hr. prior to grilling.

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