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If you are searching for the perfect cocktail recipes rum infused, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for recipes that are super easy or you are looking to have a crowd pleaser the answer will be found here. We see movies of pirates walking around with their rum. We have all heard about how important rum is in the Caribbean Islands. We all dream about being there and holding one of the great rum recipes in our hands while lounging on a beach chair while looking out at the bright blue water.

Cocktail recipes rum infused, in most cases, require different types of rum. It is important to note that if you will be serving cocktail recipes rum infused you will want to know the differences of various rums as well as have those particular rums on hand. Here are a few on the list:

Dark Rum - A full-bodied and heady rum. These rums are made in pot stills and are aged for many years. These are the types of rums that are so smooth that they may be consumed straight. Some like to have the dark rums served directly over ice.

Spiced rums - Spiced rums offer a variety of flavors. They are enhanced with a variety of spices and fruits. These are popular in punch bowl recipes, cocktails and frozen drinks all over the world.

White Rums - This type of rum is usually a light or clear in color. They will usually have a smooth taste and mix well in cocktails as well as fruity drinks.

Aged Rums - This particular type is mixed in batches and taste the same from year to year; the batches are always made exactly the same. You also find these to be called vintage rums.

The rums listed above are those are considered the basic rums. As one can see each of the basics can be used in almost any mixed drink or served alone. Rums have been a favorite for centuries and will continue to be for centuries to come. Cocktail recipes rum infused are a must have for any get together and for those guests who you know will like the varied flavors that are available.

The Pina Colada cocktail has been around for a very long time. The exotic mixture of coconut and pineapple has been a favorite on the islands as well as the world over. Here is the true tested recipe for a Pina Colada:

Pina Colada: Crushed ice 1 part dark rum 2 parts white rum 2 parts coconut cream 3 parts pineapple juice Pineapple wedges for garnishes

Put all ingredients into a blender and process until smooth (like a smoothie). Serve in a chilled glass with pineapple wedges either hanging on the rim or skewered on an umbrella pick and placed on the surface of the drink. This is definitely one of the cocktail recipes rum infused that is sure to be a hit with your family and friends in the warm weather.

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