Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Ever-Growing Popularity of Tiki Hut Bars - Home - DIY

Shut your eyes and picture yourself sipping a refreshing cocktail, perhaps one comprised of your favourite frozen margarita recipe, while enjoying a warm tropical breeze in your face. A heavenly scene from your latest island getaway? Not at all. In this image, you're in your own backyard on a mild afternoon, taking a break out of your harried day -- beneath the leafy roof of one of your very own tiki hut bars.

Basically, tiki hut bars are open air constructions that cover a bar, or a structure that covers an umbrella table, gazebo or patio area. Some tiki bars are stand alone structures that contain tables, chairs or bar stools with entertainment centers inside. Although these beautiful bars were not often seen outside of beach climate locales such as the Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii or Florida, or in places apart from industrial bars, cafes, or poolside lounges, they're now so fashionable and obtainable that your very own patio could be a hot spot for one.

Feeling curious about how one can acquire one of these engaging tropics-evoking structures? You need not rent a carpenter, or go looking for palm tree fronds; simple do-it-yourself kits can be found in some specialty stores, and even easier, may be instantly ordered on-line and delivered right to your home! Many seaside bars and eating places are lined up with tiki hut bars as a strategy to welcome patrons into a tropical atmosphere. You are able to do something similar and create a tropical ambiance while entertaining your own family and buddies -- all within the isolation of your own patio.

A distinguishing characteristic of tiki hut bars is the thatched roof made out of the natural fronds of the palm tree, bamboo, along with different organic wood products. Along with its attractive look, the thatched roofing supplies both shade and protection from outdoor elements such as rain, bright sun and wind. The Cyprus poles that support the hut are located in the four corners as well as in the center and roof of tiki hut bars, offering structural support. These great-looking bars might be seasonal or stationary, according to your preference. When viewed as a permanent structure, a concrete or wooden foundation is laid prior to establishing the tiki hut. Most tiki hut bars are wired to have electrical energy to allow correct lighting for entertaining, and sufficient energy for the margarita machine or the best blenders for frozen drinks.

Undoubtedly, tiki hut bars make the best setting for delighting in America's favourite frozen concoction, the margarita!

Lastly, have you ever heard of the tiki statue? It is a tall wooden totem object with a unique face carved out of wood. Tiki gods were once worshiped by the Polynesians to scare away adverse spirits. In the present day the tiki statue hints at a bit of historical past while providing a decorative accent to most tiki hut bars. So, are you planning to call it a day? Step outside and into the cool shade of your very own tiki hut, and transform that heavenly picture into an earthly paradise!

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