Thursday, 12 April 2012

Feeling Hot Hot Hot - Food - Main Course

Tan Rosie Foods has launched a unique range of Caribbean HOT sauces!The homemade artisan sauces come in a selection of flavours such Garlic & Pepper (HOT), Sweet Tamarind and Spicy Mango and Hot Papaya! These sauces can also be used in a marinade too. Tan Rosie's Caribbean sauces have become immensely popular through their online store and at farmers markets up and down the country. The summer is approaching and now is the time to give your meat or fish a Caribbean make-over! These sauces are a perfect marinade for your BBQ party food. The sweet aroma of the special blend of spices instantly transform the humble chicken leg!The sauces are made with tremendous love and attention from their home in Birmingham UK. The mother and daughter team set themselves apart from the competition through eye-catching branding, great customer service and mouth-watering products.Why not treat yourself to a sweet and tasty dipping sauce - Sweet Tamarind Sauce. It's one of the latest products which is selling out fast.Monica from says, 'the sauces that we make have to be tried to be believed! We use old Grenadian family recipes with no artificial ingredients or preservatives which gives our sauces that extra edge. It's very addictive. At the moment are most popular flavour is the Garlic & Pepper Sauce (HOT) made from Scotch Bonnet Chilli Peppers!'Mother and daughter team Monica and Lee created Tan Rosie Foods in August 2010. They create tantalising Caribbean food inspired by Monica's' grandmother 'Tan Rosie' who was from Carriacou, Grenada. All products are handmade using some locally sourced ingredients to boot!All products range from Caribbean style preserves including hot sauce, jerk seasoning, jam and chutney. Each product contains a blend of European and Caribbean tropical spices and ingredients with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Their range of preserves all have a unique Caribbean twist through traditional spice blends and cooking techniques handed down from Tan Rosie. Quality and taste are never compromised with this artisan producer! You can rest assured that your chicken will be jerked to perfection and your pork will be Soca rubbed up nicely with a great blend of spices from the range of Caribbean seasonings.Tan Rosie will also be adding other great Caribbean dishes in the future. All of these exciting products and gift ideas are available to buy from the online shop and at selected farmers markets and festivals within the UK.

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