Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Game of Caribbean Stud Poker - Entertainment - Gambling

Akin to 5 card stud poker, Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino table game played versus the casino. Unlike poker, deception plays no part in the game as the croupier must play all of his or her hands.

The standard betting unit in Caribbean Stud is referred to as the ante and each player must place this bet if they desire to to play in a hand. Erst the ante is in place, the dealer will announce that no more bets are permitted before dealing out 5 cards to himself and the rest of the players who are in the game. While each player gets five cards face down, the dealer gets dealt four cards face down and a single card face up. It is against the rules to speak about the cards you are holding during a hand. Each player must decide on whether to raise or fold based on their hand and the dealers upcard.

Optimal playing strategy for the game states that a player should double the ante bet with any pair and throw away any inferior hand.

The last decision and payout is based on a traditional poker hand to decide the winner.

Caribbean Stud is thought to have been first played in a hotel in the Caribbean islands, hence the name Caribbean Stud.

As is the case with any web based gaming, you should make sure to understand every aspect of the game you are planning to play to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of success - or in the case of Caribbean Stud, the greatest opportunity of beating the dealer and so the house.

As with any casino game, Caribbean Stud is fast paced and furious, so constantly pay close attention when playing as you could possibly lose a lot of money by allowing yourself to be distracted. Do not play at quick, action packed casino tables without full knowledge of what you're getting into as this may well be be a recipe for disaster.

To increase your knowledge about Caribbean Stud, a simple Google search will display one of the huge number of web sites dedicated to people interested in finding out more about the game. You have the chance to look at strategy articles, odds tables and an abundance of other information pertaining to the game of Caribbean Stud Poker.

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