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Have A Caribbean Beach Wedding For A Fantastic Wedding Day - Relationships - Marriage

If you have a Caribbean beach wedding, you will have a fantastic wedding day that you will never forget. Getting married on the beach is wonderful wherever you are, but there is something about a Caribbean beach that makes it extra special.

The Caribbean is famed for its fabulous red, orange and golden sunsets and there are few more romantic settings than being married with that beautiful warm glow spreading over the sky and the Caribbean sea, with a dazzling gown picking up the tints to make you look even more beautiful than usual. These words might be full of superlatives, but they by no means exaggerate the effect that these sunsets have on those lucky enough to enjoy them.

Perhaps it is the pure white or coral pink sand, or just the fabulous setting, who knows. Everybody is different and have their own reasons for wanting to get married in the Caribbean, and if you have traveled that far why settle for anything less than a beach wedding? One of the advantages of getting married here is that it is great all year round, spring, summer, fall and winter. It will be warm, and as long as you give the hurricane season a miss you will have a destination wedding that everybody will talk about for years to come.

The food is wonderful and even if seafood is not the meal of your choice many Caribbean islands have wide range of local delicacies from goat to chicken. However, the local paellas are absolutely delicious, and each is made to the recipe of the individual chef. The range of shellfish available in their many different guises is also vast, and you will have a wedding reception menu that will suit every taste imaginable, from the fiery hot (ever tried Jamaican Hellfire sauce?) to the beautiful creaminess of Caribbean coconut chicken.

The specific island you choose is very much a matter of personal choice. It doesn't really matter, though some brides have a preference. Grand Cayman, for example, is ideal if you and your partner want a secluded wedding with just the two of you. You can have one or two guests, but even if you have none, there are always witnesses available. All you need is your marriage license. You can get the minister, flowers, photographer and cake included for less than a thousand dollars. What a fantastic price for a wedding in such a beautiful beach setting.

Most people prefer beach weddings, though it might be a bit hot in mid summer. Some prefer to marry in a hotel or other shaded area, and then have the reception on the beach. You can easily change out of your dress into something more comfortable for the reception. Others decide to be wed in the early evening, once the heat of the sun has died down a bit. Whatever you decide for yourself, a beach wedding in the Caribbean will normally be less expensive that getting married in your home town. Mainland USA weddings can be very expensive, largely due to the number of guests you usually have to invite.

Fewer people tend to accept invitations to destination weddings due to the distance and the transport and accommodation costs, so it could be just the two of you plus your immediate family. Many get married on a Caribbean beach and then have a buffet reception back home after a church blessing. Or even a full reception: the choice is yours. The main point is that you can have your dream wedding without disappointing or upsetting anybody by having a proper reception back home.

Most locations such as Jamaica, Guadeloupe and St. Lucia offer wedding packages for all sizes of weddings. They know that many people getting married in the Caribbean will likely not be bringing a massive number of guests with them, and there are special packages for small parties of six or ten people, with transport on the island, a tour and even champagne included. What better way to start off married life?

Although there should be few problems with a Caribbean beach wedding, don't lose sight of the fact that you are being married outdoors so will be at the mercy of the weather. There are some things that even the best wedding organizers cannot control for you, so you should be prepared for bad weather. However, apart from the hurricane season, you should have less need for rainwear in Trinidad than in Chicago.

If you are looking for a wedding with a difference that you will remember for ever and that your guests will equally enjoy, opt for a Caribbean beach wedding and have a truly fantastic wedding day.

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