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Mojito Cocktail Recipes - How To Make Mojito Cocktails - Food - Recipes

The Mojito Cocktails have risen in their popularity in the past 30 years. For those wishing to partake of this dazzling drink, there is some preparation needed with cocktail recipes tips and suggestions that can come in very handy.

There is no mix for the Mojito Cocktails because not all of the ingredients are liquid. This is the tropical drink with a hint of mint in it. Its the mint preparation that makes the difference in a good Mojito Cocktail and a great one.

There is another ingredient that has several different forms that can be used. The sugar can be in the crystalline structure that most people have around their house and in their sugar bowls. This is not the original type used for this tropical drink.

In Cuba, where this drink was originally made, the most common form of sweetener is sugar cane syrup. This natural sweetener is one of the secret ingredients of the fantastic Mojito Cocktails. The syrup might be thick, but dissolves evenly in the drink better than its crystalline counterpart. It also adds a different type of sweetness to the drink itself. No one knows for sure, but many suspects its all in the reaction with the rum.

If you have not guessed by now then Mojito Cocktails are rum based drinks. Rum is an alcohol that is made from the fermentation of sugarcane. The best rums are made from the tropical islands in the Caribbean for where this drink originates.

When this drink was first made; its still being debated, but most believe it was from the slaves that worked the sugar cane fields. The rum they made was not as refined as what is available today on the store shelves. They had to use what was readily available to them to help make their alcohol drinkable.

This is why the ingredients in the Mojito Cocktails include mint leaves, lime juice and sugar. These were readily available in the fields around the sleeping quarters of the slaves. They also have a strong flavour to them when added together so any substandard rum they used to consume would be drinkable.

The other origin that is touted around of this drink was when Sir Francis Drake visited the New World. This was in the year 1586 in which Drake and his shipmates were considered privateers because of their exploits in the seizure of plundered gold from the Spanish. Rum was available in large quantities then and relatively cheap to consume.

The popularity of the Mojito Cocktails has grown over the centuries in which it has been enjoyed. No matter what origin you prefer, what is true is that this was the favourite drink of Hemingway when he was writing his novels in Cuba.

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