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Ostfriesland - still the country with an extremely high recreational value - Travel

Everyone thinks of Ostfriesland thinks first of the known associated concepts such as Otto Walkes, Jever beer and Ostfriesen jokes. The few people are thinking but at the magnificent landscape with its quirks, the people who live there or even the unusual but endearing traditions that are maintained there for many years from generation to generation. But fewer still pull this country as a tourist destination considered. She prefers to fly somewhere in the South or the Caribbean to have to fry from the sun. While most are out on holiday at last find rest and relaxation from the daily stress and that is in our day and age no longer so simple. Switch off and allow it to go well for many is simply no longer possible and therefore leave recovery is often swim in hotel pools with all inclusive drinks and nightly visits to night clubs. The hangover the next morning is already routine. A family vacation is so obviously hardly possible when Papa and Mama in the pool and the childre n in your animation. At home in everyday life is the family apart and each is often part ways.

But there is another way. How about a relaxing vacation in Germany. Yes, it really is. How about with Ostfriesland? There you will find to be rare tropical temperatures, but there are tons of other benefits. The country is still very sparsely populated so that one is always connected with nature. Traffic jams are the absolute exception, as well as exhaust gases. Anyway, the fresh sea air, a boon for people who have problems with the airways or to work in your profession in a bad air. Many doctors is well known and they send their patients therefore extracting to East Friesland. The accommodations are sufficiently numerous attractive places available and priced. Moreover, almost all hotel operators are still trying very warmly and personally to their guests. A mass treatment with hundreds of guests in a hotel is not found here. There is still time for a personal word with his hosts. Also can do many things to be perfect with the bike and the whole family. Or have you been t he last time was with the whole family with the bike a full day on the road and have it get only rarely the main road to face? Do you remember how beautiful it is easy to make in a meadow for a picnic lunch. Since then three times the normal sausage tastes so good and by the many fresh air has to eat a horse. If it should fail only to the lack of bicycles Thus, for solving the problem easily. Almost all the bikes have to borrow some money and are also bike routes are a dime a dozen. Sometimes you can even switch off the bike on the paddle boat and explore the waterways of East Frisia. The bikes are brought in the meantime to the end point of the paddle track and wait there already.

As the weather is not always permanently warm in the summer you can not necessarily plan a beach vacation in the North Sea, but if you're lucky you get but a very warm phase and can then beautiful, not crowded, beaches to enjoy. A visit to an East Frisian island would then offer it as on the islands are once again enjoying new impressions. Also sensible clothing to the seal banks or a fishing trip on cod fishing is intended for adults and children a great experience. Quite unusual for the whole family is one of the guided walks across the mudflats where there is much to discover something new. Please make only Watts walks with a guide since they may underestimate the speed with which the flood water back aufsplt and would otherwise occur in an emergency situation. But even if the weather play a lot of possibilities exist to distribute the time wisely. Museums and water parks make the often sea water, wave pools a bad weather are quickly forgotten. Also nice quaint towns an d villages can be explored. This, of course, then offers a visit to a tea room at once to as the East Frisian enjoy the tea cozy.

If you are interested in real Ostfriesisches I would propose a strictly time-follow Bosselwettkampf. Bosseln is engaged in the East Frisian sport here more than 20,000 active athletes in 150 Vereien and very interesting to do so. It is very noisy and highly motivated to the point and the rules are understood fairly quickly. Another advantage is that there is spoken almost entirely flat, and thus they can also provide the same experience once To deny this to perfection. Often with little rougher including expressions for the Bosseln with.

If you have found interest in East Friesland and its peculiarities, and perhaps even as a possible destination Ostfriesland have drawn for you in consideration, I have already achieved what I wanted to object. Inspire you to simply for the beautiful country Ostfriesland.

If you want to learn more but you look like to pass on our sites. There you will find many more tips in Ostfriesland, East Frisian recipes, voice samples in Low German and many items such as lighthouses, beverages, clothing and porcelain. There is also the possibility you accommodation, even for large groups of people to communicate.

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