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Spice Up Your Life with Some Caribbean Cuisine - Travel

If theres one delicious aspect of Caribbean honeymoons that you absolutely wont find anywhere else in the world, its the cuisine on offer! Caribbean cooking is a blend of many different culinary traditions: African, Spanish, French, Dutch, British, and Indian influences can all be found in the meals on offer. With so many islands boasting their own unique cultures and dishes, its hard to generalise about the food of the Caribbean - except to say if you love vivid flavours and mouth-tingling spices, youll find many meals that will have you asking for the recipe! Here are a few of our favourite dishes from the beautiful Caribbean islands.


A popular dish that is served across the Caribbean, Callaloo can include coconut milk, crab meat, conch, lobster, and other meats, which are added to seasonings like chopped onions and garlic. The ingredients are simmered down to a stew-like consistency, usually dark green in colour, and served as a side dish which might be used as gravy for other food. Trinidadians are especially famous for this dish, often using it to modify dishes such as rice or macaroni pie - and youll undoubtedly get the chance to try it at some stage on Caribbean honeymoons.

Jerk Chicken

One of the staple dishes of Jamaican cuisine, jerk chicken features meat that has been dry-rubbed or marinated with hot spice mixture, known as Jamaican jerk spice. While traditionally applied to pork and chicken, modern day dishes also apply it to fish, shrimp, shellfish, beef, and sausages and its a real treat for those wanting to spice up their Caribbean honeymoons! While in Caribbean history, the meal was smoked over aromatic wood charcoal, its usually now grilled over hardwood charcoal in a steel drum jerk pan. Side-street jerk stands are a wonderful way to experience the flavour and culture surrounding this dish.

Roti Chicken

Although there are a variety of curried dished wrapped in thin bread known as roti in the Caribbean, one dish that absolutely shouldnt be missed is roti chicken. Available at many different roti houses across the Caribbean (often with taps on hand to wash up after youve enjoyed this potentially-messy meal!), eating roti is a very popular and social experience. Newly-wed couples on Caribbean honeymoons might just find that sharing a roti together on a beach can easily equal many of the more traditional romantic moments of a tropical honeymoon experience.

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