Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Tastes of Curacao when on holiday in Properties for Rent in Curacao - Travel - Destinations

When in PROPERTIES FOR RENT IN CURACAO, the island may seem like any other in the Caribbean, this is not the case with Curacao as it has a certain cosmopolitan charm about it unlike any other destination. Although colonized by the Dutch, Curaao has a diverse population, with 45 nationalities represented on the island. Over the years these groups have had an incredible influence on local culture. In the world of gastronomy, ethnic traditions have mixed with local cuisine to create a recipe which is unique. With cuisines from places as diverse as South and Central America, South Asia and Western European cuisine represented on the island, Curacao has some of the most delicious and provocative food in the world. Moreover, as the namesake of the popular sweet liqueur, Curacao has undoubtedly increased the sweet tooth - best represented by the islands original desert recipes.

Despite the influence of many cultures on Curacao's food, there are many popular recipes that predate the islands cosmopolitan development. The best example of this unique style of Caribbean cooking is iguana stew. Prepared as you can imagine, the dish is a favorite of local people (who say that its a lot like chicken), but often adventurous tourists will have a taste. Dutch traditional recipes from the colonial period like keshi yena - a baked dish with a lot of Gouda cheese, meat and other fresh produce - are also very popular in many restaurants in Curacao.

To the surprise of many visitors, the cuisine of Indonesia plays an important role in the culinary scene of Curacao. Courtesy dutch who brought it to the island after they established colonies in Southeast Asia, Indonesian ingredients and cooking techniques have found their way into many local favorite recipes. There is a type of food called rijisttafel which is dutch for rice table, it is a combination of rice, vegetables, meat or seafood a lot of chilli peppers. Asian seasonings and methods are also commonly used in Curacao before serving seafood such as mahi-mahi and snapper.

Despite the fascinating culinary climate of the island, Curacao is certainly the best known as the namesake of the popular liqueur. Legend tells us that Curacao liqueur was an accidental creation. After establishing the first colony in Curacao, the Spanish sought to increase the Valencia oranges. However, the oranges reacted in the different climate, which changed the fruits distinctive taste of citrus. Over the years, Valencia became the sour Lahar. Years later, the farmers realized that the peels of oranges and lahars contained isweet sceented oils. Through experimentation, the sugary exterior of the Lahara orange - along with a number of unusual spices - found its way into the recipe for Curacao liqueur. Today, the orange-flavored drink named after the place of its birth is enjoyed all over the world.

So when in your PROPERTIES FOR RENT IN CURACAO, why not try some of these local delicacies and also try some of the local original liquer.

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