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Try crab cakes and Lobsters for a change of taste! - Food - Recipes

The crab cakes are delicious as a dish for dinner. It is popularly believed that crab were first cooked in the US since the colonial times. The crab are mostly popular with the Maryland and Baltimore. The main place where you can get crabs for making the crab cakes is the Chesapeake Bay area of the Atlantic.

The crab and the lobsters are both extremely popular all over the world. The crabs might vary in sizes and can be eaten boiled, grilled, pan fried or deep fried. Whatever dish you prepare with the crab cakes, they will all taste very delicious. You can prepare a simple recipe with crab which will require some essential ingredients. You can also add some other special ingredients to make those crab cakes all the more delicious. For instance, when you make a boardwalk crab , you need mayonnaise, milk, eggs and breadcrumbs. Many people use hamburger for serving these crab cakes. For even more taste, you can add tomato slices, pickles, lettuce leaves on these crab cakes too.

In the gourmet restaurants, the crab cakes are made with fewer ingredients. They add more crab meat though. To give the crab a mouth watering taste, you can add to it the tartar sauce or the cocktail sauce. Many people prefer crab in open sandwiches instead of the hamburgers. Each of the regions has its own taste and flavours. One style is the usage of the Mango sauce. It is typically Caribbean in style. Again, if you want the oriental taste, you can add Asian fish sauce.

Usually it is expensive to prepare a dish of crab cakes. There are other dishes too that are equally delicious, like the Lobster that is prepared with Zucchini, eggs and butter. The crab serve as appetizers. They also make for perfect dinner or lunch. There are also recipes on Lobsters that are equally favourite as a dish for all the seafood lovers of the world. Earlier, lobsters were a favourite for the sailors and the fishermen, but it has gradually become very popular with the people all over the world. And it has also taken a place of honour in all the restaurants too as a very expensive dish.

Preparing the lobsters is also pretty simple. You can steam, boil, grill or bake the lobster tails. If you plan to grill the lobsters, make sure to add lemon juice, pepper, olive oil, butter, garlic powder and salt to it before grilling. It would be delicious to eat.The lobster tails can be of two kinds- the warm watered and the cold watered tails. Usually the cold water tails have tender meat and are very tasty. But they are very rare species and are extremely expensive too.

But overall, both the crab cakes and the lobsters are expensive, yet delicious. They are also very simple to prepare and takes very little time to get ready. Thus, if you have sudden guests at your home, then you can try these dishes in very little time right at home.

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