Monday, 9 April 2012

Curse That Haunted the Pirates Would Plague Naruto and His Friends! - Entertainment - Television

How would you react to the title of Naruto Shippuden's upcoming installment that reads, 'The Cursed Ghost Ship?' Certainly, adventure-rich sequences from Johnny Depp's fantasy movie series 'Pirates of the Caribbean' would get enlivened by your imagination. And I bet the incidents of 225 episode would try to fall in that line. You must be wondering how I could be so certain about that. Well, there are 'n' number of hints that point to some gruesome adventures over the ocean waters. Let's find out these clues. If you could recollect the incidents that took place in the episode titled 'The Young Man and the Sea', there was that grisly battle involving the undaunted spirit of a fisherman named Yusuke and the deadly sea creature, Marlin. Form that installment, the manga turned anime series actually hinted at the advent of sinister events over the raging ocean. Similarly, the next episode titled 'The Ninja of Benisu', brought to us the mysterious batch of ninjas in pursuit of so me healing herbs. With the unresolved cobweb of suspense growing rapidly, don't you think that much of that would come to light when you watch Naruto Shippuden 225 "The Cursed Ghost Ship?" The answer has to be in affirmative because what you are going to watch in Naruto Shippuden 225 "The Cursed Ghost Ship" will perhaps dish out more adventure than the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. More than anything else, you will have the super ninja, Naruto, take on the curse of the ghost ship, with his mission companions by his side. In the previous installment, we saw Guy being crippled to death by sea sickness, and if anything of that sort happens in The Cursed Ghost Ship, the victim might be Naruto. Keeping my fingers crossed on that and hoping that the all-valiant ninja warrior deals with every kind of hurdle that comes his way, strongly. With supernatural elements already making their presence felt in many of the previous seasons and the mention of ghost ship with an impending and unforeseen curse in it, things are not going to calm down so easily. Naruto Shippuden 225 episode interweaves the century old evil phenomenon with the present day ninja world. I am sure the recipe that would be dished out in the forthcoming installment would bring the taste of present as well as the deep, dark past of the inhabitants of Naruto world. Watch Naruto Shippuden episode 225 online, after its telecast, in case unforeseen circumstances prevent you from laying your eyes on 'The Cursed Ghost Ship.' It is needless to mention that repercussion of the nefarious curse would take the next installment into its embrace, and it remains to be seen how Naruto and his friends accomplish the S-rank mission.

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